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How to report bugs

Please report bugs to Jira, the Apache bug database. Pick the product "Xerces-C++" using the following components:

Component  Description 
DOM  Items specific to DOM 
SAX/SAX2  Items specific to SAX or SAX2 
Non-Validating Parser  General Parsing Problem 
Validating Parser (DTD)  DTD related parser issue 
Validating Parser (Schema)  Schema related parser issue 
Utilities  Items related to utilities like MessageLoader, Transcoder, NetAccessors, Platform specific utilities 
Build  Problem with build, makefile, project files 
Documentation  Documentation bugs such as FAQ, Programming Guide 
Samples/Tests  Samples or test cases related issues 
Miscellaneous  Items not covered in other categories 

A copy of your bug report is sent automatically to the Xerces-C++ development mailing list.

Search first

Check the Jira database before submitting your bug report to avoid creating a duplicate report. Even the bug has been reported already, you may add a comment to the existing report since your contribution may lead to a quicker identification/resolution to the bug reported.

Here is the list of outstanding bugs that are currently reported in Jira.

Write a good bug report

Writing a useful bug report, which makes the bug reproducible, is the first step towards the resolution of the bug. Specifics about the bug, like

  • Xerces-C++ version number
  • Platform
  • Operating system and version number
  • Compiler and version number
  • The XML document (or excerpt) that failed
  • The C++ application code that failed
  • Whether you built the Xerces-C++ library yourself or used the binary distribution
  • What happened

are all necessary information to allow developer to reproduce, identify, evaluate and eventually, fix the bug, which is the very purpose of your reporting of the bug.

If you are providing a patch please review the information in Submitting Patches.

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