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Todo List


  • [build] The 'build dist' for resolver is not picking up the tests and examples in xml-commons/java/tests/resolver/ → open
  • [build] Fix resolver.xml build file to have -src and -bin distros. → open
  • [build] Ensure proper line-endings in .zip and .tar.gz (evidently .zip is for Win and .tar.gz is for UNIX. → open
  • [docs] Finish attending to license inconsistencies as per: Re: some issues with docs: license review → open
  • [docs] Finish initial website. Follow procedure in How-to Forrest → open
  • [docs] Update the Resolver release notes. → open
  • [code] Update versions of external DOM/SAX/JAXP code to best-possible that still passes TCK-JAXP-1.2. making TCK-compliant API's common (Actually is neilg,ilene) → neilg
  • [build] Establish efficient distribution mirrors and change the download link on the xml-commons website. See doc Making your downloads mirrorable and the infrastructure@ list. → open
  • [build] Decide how to build separate distributable docs for each "component", and how they will also be published to xml-commons website (since resolver, which, etc. will get shipped as individual components, even though they live in the same project). Best if xdocs content can remain in /java with their code. See email: draft website for xml-commons using Forrest and a website with separate distributable components → open
  • [code] Fix the bugs that are listed in the Bug database for "XmlCommons". → open



  • [docs] Better overview doc of why xml-commons has it's own sets of DOM/SAX/JAXP; also basic docs on TCK compliance etc. → open
  • [architecture] Discussion and concensus on packaging of external DOM/SAX/JAXP interfaces (xml-apis.jar etc.) and better jar filenames with a release version number. → open