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Reference Library

Reference Library

The project lives or fails based on its human resources. Users and contributors alike help the project with ideas and brainpower. A common foundation of knowledge is required to effectively participate in this virtual community. The following is a list of documents that we have found helpful for us and may be helpful to you:

Technical Resources

These resources are required reading for anybody contributing source code to the project.

  • The Java Language Specification
    Written by the creators of the Java Programming Language, this online book is considered by many to be the bible for programming in Java. A must read.
  • Javadoc
    Javadoc is the automatic software documentation generator used by Java since it was first released. All Java code written for this project must be documented using Javadoc conventions.
  • The Apache Wiki
    The Apache Wiki is a community-provided resource with unofficial documents about all things Apache.

XML Resources

A wide variety of XML-oriented resources are out on the net today. Just a few that we have found useful include:

    An industry-sponsored portal with links, news, and a wide variety of resources
  • xmlhack
    Find all the latest XML-related news stories here
  • The XML Cover pages
    Robin Cover's long-standing overview of all things XML