Embedded Derby JDBC database connection URL

The standard Derby JDBC connection URL, which you can use for tasks besides connecting to a database, is


Subsubprotocol, which is not typically specified, determines how Derby looks for a database: in a directory, in a class path, or in a jar file. Subsubprotocol is one of the following:

jar requires an additional element immediately before the database name:


pathToArchive is the path to the jar or zip file that holds the database.

For examples of using this syntax, see Accessing a read-only database in a zip/jar file.

You typically pass the connection URL as an argument to the JDBC DriverManager.getConnection method call. For example:


You can specify attributes and attribute values to a connection URL. For more information about what you can specify with the Derby connection URL, see Database connection examples. For detailed reference about attributes and values, see the Derby Reference Manual.

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