traceFileAppend=true attribute

The traceFileAppend=true attribute specifies that the Derby Network Client should append JDBC trace information to a trace file.

The file can be specified by the traceFile=path attribute. If you do not specify a trace file but you specify the traceDirectory=path attribute, the trace information is appended to the default file. If you do not specify traceFileAppend=true, any previous version of the trace file is overwritten.

For more information about tracing, see "Network client tracing" in the Derby Server and Administration Guide. See traceDirectory=path and traceLevel=value for other attributes related to tracing.

Combining with other attributes

This attribute must be specified in conjunction with either the traceFile=path attribute or the traceDirectory=path attribute. You can also combine this attribute with other attributes.


-- enable tracing on an existing database, appending to the
--   specified file
-- enable tracing on an existing database, appending to the default file 
--   within the specified directory, relative to the Derby home directory