SYSALIASES system table

The SYSALIASES table describes the procedures, functions, user-defined types, and user-defined aggregates in the database.

The following table shows the contents of the SYSALIASES system table.

Table 1. SYSALIASES system table
Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
ALIASID CHAR 36 false Unique identifier for the alias
ALIAS VARCHAR 128 false Alias (in the case of a user-defined type or user-defined aggregate, the name of the user-defined type or user-defined aggregate)
SCHEMAID CHAR 36 true Reserved for future use
JAVACLASSNAME LONG VARCHAR 32,700 false The Java class name
ALIASTYPE CHAR 1 false 'F' (function), 'P' (procedure), 'A' (user-defined type), 'G' (user-defined aggregate)
NAMESPACE CHAR 1 false 'F' (function), 'P' (procedure), 'A' (user-defined type), 'G' (user-defined aggregate)
SYSTEMALIAS BOOLEAN 1 false true (system supplied or built-in alias)

false (alias created by a user)

ALIASINFO org.apache.derby. catalog.AliasInfo

This class is not part of the public API.

2,147,483,647 true A Java interface that encapsulates the additional information that is specific to an alias
SPECIFICNAME VARCHAR 128 false System-generated identifier