Product documentation for Derby

The Derby product documentation consists of the Derby manuals and the API reference.

Getting Started with Derby
Describes how to install and configure Derby. Includes a self-study tutorial for users new to Derby and a quick-start guide for experienced JDBC users. This guide introduces the dblook, ij, and sysinfo tools, and the libraries and scripts that are included with Derby.
Derby Developer's Guide
Describes the functionality and features of Derby common to all deployments, such as Derby's JDBC and SQL specifics, deploying Derby applications, working with properties, and other advanced features.
Derby Reference Manual
Documents the implementation of the SQL language in Derby. This guide provides reference information about the JDBC and JTA implementations, keywords, system tables, properties, and SQLExceptions in Derby.
Derby Security Guide
Describes how to configure the security of a Derby application.
Tuning Derby
Offers performance tips, an in-depth discussion of performance, and information about the Derby optimizer.
Derby Tools and Utilities Guide
Describes how to use the Derby tools such as dblook, ij, and sysinfo.
Derby Server and Administration Guide
Part One of this guide discusses configuring servers, how to program client applications, and database administration. These tasks are independent of any server framework but are unique to multi-user or large systems.

Part Two of this guide discusses administrative tasks such as backing up and restoring databases, importing and exporting data, storing Java code in the database, and debugging deadlocks.

Derby API Reference
An API Reference that is automatically generated for all public Derby classes. No reference is provided for the JDBC API, which is part of the Java Platform, Standard Edition. For more information about the classes in the API, see the Derby Reference Manual.

You can access the Version 10.13 manuals and API Reference from the Apache Derby: Documentation page on the Apache Derby Web site. The product documentation is also installed with Derby. The manuals are installed in the docs subdirectory and the API Reference is installed in the javadoc subdirectory.