Syntax for identifiers in ij commands

Some ij commands require identifier arguments.

These identifiers exist within the scope of ij only and are distinct from any identifiers used in SQL commands, except in the case of the Get Cursor command. The Get Cursor command specifies a cursor name to use in creating a result set.

ij does not recognize or permit delimited identifiers in ij commands. They can be used in SQL commands.


Identifier [ @ connectionName ]

These ij identifiers are case-insensitive. They must begin with a letter in the range A-Z, and they can consist of any number of letters in the range A-Z, digits in the range 0-9, and underscore (_) characters.

An identifier can optionally use an at sign (@) followed by a connectionName. Spaces on either side of the @ sign are optional. If you specify a connectionName, you can refer to databases on different connections. This capability enables you to perform tasks such as copying data from one database to another. For an example of copying data between databases, see Execute command. For other examples, see Async command, Get Cursor command, and Get Scroll Insensitive Cursor command.


These are valid ij identifiers:

id2 @ connection1
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