derby.ui.codeset property

The derby.ui.codeset property specifies an alternative supported character encoding value when you use one of the Derby tools with a language not supported by your default system.

This property is commonly used in conjunction with the derby.ui.locale property.



where derbyval is a supported character encoding value, such as UTF8 (see the table later in this topic).


The following command runs ij using the Japanese locale (derby.ui.locale=ja_JP) and Japanese Latin Kanji mixed encoding (derby.ui.codeset=Cp939):

java -Dderby.ui.locale=ja_JP -Dderby.ui.codeset=Cp939  \

The following table contains a sampling of character encodings. Supported encodings vary from product to product. For example, to see the full list of character encodings that are supported by the Java Platform, Standard Edition 7 Software Development Kit, go to

Table 1. Sample character encodings
Character Encoding Explanation
8859_1 ISO Latin-1
8859_2 ISO Latin-2
8859_7 ISO Latin/Greek
Cp1257 Windows Baltic
Cp1258 Windows Vietnamese
Cp437 PC Original
GB2312 GB2312-80 Simplified Chinese
KSC5601 KSC5601 Korean
MacCroatian Macintosh Croatian
MacCyrillic Macintosh Cyrillic
SJIS PC and Windows Japanese
UTF8 Standard UTF-8
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