Overview of the SimpleNetworkServerSample program

The SimpleNetworkServerSample program starts the Derby Network Server, as well as the embedded driver, and waits for clients to connect.

The program performs the following tasks.
  1. Starts the Derby Network Server by using a property and also loads the embedded driver
  2. Determines if the Network Server is running
  3. Creates the NSSimpleDB database if it is not already created
  4. Obtains an embedded database connection
  5. Tests the database connection by executing a sample query
  6. Allows client connections to connect to the server until you decide to stop the server and exit the program
  7. Closes the connection
  8. Shuts down the Network Server before exiting the program
To run the sample program, you need the following files in the %DERBY_HOME%\demo\nserverdemo\ directory:
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