Preparing to upgrade

Upgrading your database occurs the first time the new Derby software connects to the old database.

Before you connect to the database using the new software:

  1. Back up your database to a safe location using Derby online/offline backup procedures. For more information on backup, see the Derby Server and Administration Guide.
  2. Update your CLASSPATH or modulepath with the latest jar files.
  3. Make sure that there are no older versions of the Derby jar files in your CLASSPATH or modulepath. You can determine if you have multiple versions of Derby in your CLASSPATH or modulepath by using the sysinfo tool. To use the sysinfo tool, execute the following command:
    The sysinfo tool uses information found in the Derby jar files to determine the version of any Derby jar in your CLASSPATH or modulepath. Be sure that you have only one version of the Derby jar files specified there.
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