Offline backups

To perform an offline backup of a database, use operating system commands to copy the database directory.

Important: You must shut down the database before you perform an offline backup.

For example, on Windows systems, the following operating system command backs up a (closed) database that is named sample and that is located in d:\mydatabases by copying it to the directory c:\mybackups\2012-04-01:

xcopy d:\mydatabases\sample c:\mybackups\2012-04-01\sample /s /i

If you are not using Windows, substitute the appropriate operating system command for copying a directory and all contents to a new location.

Note: On Windows systems, do not attempt to update a database while it is being backed up in this way. Attempting to update a database during an offline backup will generate a Using online backups prevents this from occurring.

For large systems, shutting down the database might not be convenient. To back up a database without having to shut it down, you can use an online backup.

After you back up a database, make sure the backup copy is not corrupt. To do this, run the SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_CHECK_TABLE system function on all the tables in the backup copy. Do not discard the previous backup until you have verified the consistency of the current one. See Checking database consistency for more information.

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