List of user authentication properties

The following table summarizes the Derby properties related to user authentication.

For details on these properties, see the Derby Reference Manual.

Table 1. User authentication properties
Property Name Use
derby.authentication.provider Specifies the kind of user authentication to use.
derby.authentication.builtin.algorithm Specifies the message digest algorithm to use to protect the passwords that are stored in the database when using NATIVE authentication.
derby.authentication.builtin.iterations Specifies the number of times to apply the hash function specified by the message digest algorithm.
derby.authentication.builtin.saltLength Specifies the number of bytes of random salt that will be added to users' credentials before hashing them.
derby.authentication.native.passwordLifetimeMillis Specifies the number of milliseconds that a password used for NATIVE authentication remans valid.
derby.authentication.native.passwordLifetimeThreshold Specifies the threshold that triggers a password-expiration warning for NATIVE authentication.
derby.connection.requireAuthentication Turns on user authentication. If NATIVE authentication is used, Derby behaves as if this property is set to TRUE.
derby.authentication.server For LDAP user authentication, specifies the location of the server.
derby.authentication.ldap.searchAuthDN, derby.authentication.ldap.searchAuthPW, derby.authentication.ldap.searchFilter, and derby.authentication.ldap.searchBase Configures the way that DN searches are performed.
derby.user.UserName Caches user DNs locally for LDAP authentication when derby.authentication.ldap.searchFilter is set to derby.user.
java.naming.* JNDI properties. See Appendix A in the JNDI API reference ( for more information about these properties.
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