ij.URLCheck property

The ij.URLCheck property specifies whether ij should check for invalid or non-Derby URL attributes when you are using the embedded driver.

Set this property to false to prevent ij from validating URL attributes. The default value is true.

When the ij.URLCheck property is set to true, you are notified whenever a connection URL contains an incorrectly specified attribute. For example, if the attribute name is misspelled or has an incorrect case, ij prints a message.

Note: ij checks attribute values if the attribute has pre-defined values. For example, the attribute shutdown has the pre-defined values of true or false. If you try to set the attribute shutdown to a value other than true or false, ij displays an error. For example:
ij> Connect 'jdbc:derby:anyDB;shutdown=rue';
ERROR XJ05B: JDBC attribute 'shutdown' has an invalid value 'rue',
valid values are '{true|false}'.


ij.URLCheck={ false | true }


By default, ij displays messages about invalid attributes:
java org.apache.derby.tools.ij
ij version 10.17 
ij> connect 'mydb;uSer=naomi';
URL Attribute [uSer=naomi]
   Case of the Derby attribute is incorrect.
The following command line turns off URL attribute checking in ij.
java -Dij.URLCheck=false org.apache.derby.tools.ij
ij version 10.17 
ij> connect 'mydb;uSer=naomi';

Typically, you would only explicitly turn off the URL checker if you were using ij with a non-Derby JDBC driver or database.


The URL checker does not check the validity of properties, only database connection URL attributes.

For a list of attributes, see "Setting attributes for the database connection URL" in the Derby Reference Manual. Because the ij.URLCheck property is valid only with the embedded driver, it does not apply to attributes such as securityMechanism=value, ssl=sslMode, and the attributes related to tracing.

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