Naming or accessing the name of a cursor

There is no SQL language command to assign a name to a cursor. You can use the JDBC setCursorName method to assign a name to a ResultSet that allows positioned updates and deletes.

You assign a name to a ResultSet with the setCursorName method of the Statement interface. You assign the name to a cursor before executing the Statement that will generate it.

Statement s3 = conn.createStatement();
// name the statement so we can reference the result set
// it generates
// we will be able to use the following statement later
// to access the current row of the cursor
// a result set needs to be obtained prior to using the
ResultSet rs = s3.executeQuery("select * from 
    FlightBookings FOR UPDATE of number_seats");
PreparedStatement ps2 = conn.prepareStatement(
    "UPDATE FlightBookings SET number_seats = ? " +

Typically, you do not assign a name to the cursor, but let the system generate one for you automatically. You can determine the system-generated cursor name of a ResultSet generated by a SELECT statement using the ResultSet class's getCursorName method.

PreparedStatement ps2 = conn.prepareStatement(
    "UPDATE employee SET bonus = ? WHERE CURRENT OF "+
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