This section provides manual pages for both high-level language constructs and parts thereof. For example, the CREATE INDEX statement is a high-level statement that you can execute directly via the JDBC interface. This section also includes clauses, which are not high-level statements and which you cannot execute directly but only as part of a high-level statement. The ORDER BY and WHERE clauses are examples of this kind of clause. Finally, this section also includes some syntactically complex portions of statements called expressions, for example SelectExpression and TableSubquery. These clauses and expressions receive their own manual pages for ease of reference.

Unless it is explicitly stated otherwise, you can execute or prepare and then execute all the high-level statements, which are all marked with the word statement, via the interfaces provided by JDBC. This manual indicates whether an expression can be executed as a high-level statement.

The sections provide general information about statement use, and descriptions of the specific statements.

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