Differences in JDBC 3.0 methods

The following JDBC 3.0 methods are supported only with the Derby embedded driver. Attempts to call these methods with the network client driver will result in a "not implemented" error.

Connection.prepareStatement(String sql, String[] columnNames)
Connection.prepareStatement(String sql, int[] columnIndexes)

Statement.execute(String sql, String[] columNames)
Statement.execute(String sql, int[] columIndexes)
Statement.executeUpdate(String sql, String[] columnNames)
Statement.executeUpdate(String sql, int[] columnIndexes)

For more on the use of these methods, see the sections "java.sql.Connection interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods", "java.sql.Statement interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods", and "Autogenerated keys" in the Derby Reference Manual.

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