Turning on the trace facility

  1. Turn on tracing for all sessions by specifying the following property:
    Alternatively, while the Network Server is running, you can use the following command to turn on the trace facility:
    java org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl
       trace on [-s <connection number>] [-h <hostname>][-p <portnumber>] 
    If you specify a <connection number>, tracing will be turned on only for that connection.
  2. Set the location of the tracing files by specifying the following property:
    derby.drda.traceDirectory=<directory for tracing files>
    You need to specify only the directory where the tracing files will reside. The names of the tracing files are determined by the system. If you do not set a trace directory, the tracing files will be placed in derby.system.home.
  3. While the Network Server is running, enter the following command to set the trace directory:
    java org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl traceDirectory 
    <directory for tracing files>[-h <hostname>] [-p <portnumber>]