Setting and rolling back to a savepoint

The JDBC 3.0 API adds the method Connection.setSavepoint, which sets a savepoint within the current transaction. The Connection.rollback method has been overloaded to take a savepoint argument. See java.sql.Connection interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods for more information.

The code example below inserts a row into a table, sets the savepoint svpt1, and then inserts a second row. When the transaction is later rolled back to svpt1, the second insertion is undone, but the first insertion remains intact. In other words, when the transaction is committed, only the row containing '1' will be added to TABLE1.
conn.setAutoCommit(false); // Autocommit must be off to use savepoints.
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();
int rows = stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO TABLE1 (COL1) VALUES(1)");
// set savepoint
Savepoint svpt1 = conn.setSavepoint("S1");
rows = stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO TABLE1 (COL1) VALUES (2)");
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