Libraries provided by Derby

This section shows the different libraries used by Derby and their purposes.

Engine library
Library Name Use
derby.jar For embedded databases.

You always need this library for embedded environments. For client/server environments, you only need this library on the server.

Tools libraries
For embedded environments, you need a library in the classpath to use a tool. For a client/server environment, you need a library on the client only.
Library Names Use
derbytools.jar Required for running all the Derby tools (such as ij, dblook, and import/export).
derbyrun.jar Executable jar file that can be used to start the Derby tools.
The Network Server library
Library Name Use
derbynet.jar Required to start the Derby Network Server.
The network client library
Library Name Use
derbyclient.jar Required to use the Derby network client driver.
The locale libraries
Library Names Use
  • derbyLocale_cs.jar
  • derbyLocale_de_DE.jar
  • derbyLocale_es.jar
  • derbyLocale_fr.jar
  • derbyLocale_it.jar
  • derbyLocale_hu.jar
  • derbyLocale_ja_JP.jar
  • derbyLocale_ko_KR.jar
  • derbyLocale_pl.jar
  • derbyLocale_pt_BR.jar
  • derbyLocale_ru.jar
  • derbyLocale_zh_CN.jar
  • derbyLocale_zh_TW.jar
Required to provide translated messages for the indicated locales.
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