Apache Derby 10.5

Package org.apache.derby.mbeans

JMX MBeans.


Interface Summary
JDBCMBean Management and information for the embedded JDBC driver.
ManagementMBean JMX MBean inteface to control visibility of Derby's MBeans.
VersionMBean This interface defines a Standard MBean for exposing the version information of a running Derby component.

Class Summary
Management Management MBean to allow applications to dynamically control visibility of Derby's MBeans.

Package org.apache.derby.mbeans Description

JMX MBeans.

When Derby (the embedded engine) is booted it will attempt to connect to the PlatformMBeanServer and register a number of MBeans to monitor and manage Derby.

Derby registers its JMX MBeans in the org.apache.derby domain and always includes values for type and system in the MBean's ObjectName's key properties. Other key properties are described in the interface class for the MBean.

Derby registers the class name for any MBean to be the interface class for the MBean (i.e. org.apache.derby.mbeans.*MBean) to hide the implementation class (which is subject to change). Permissions in policy files therefore need to use the MBean interface to define fine grained access. E.g. the permission to allow a invoking the startManagement of the ManagementMBean may be written as:

permission javax.management.MBeanPermission

If Derby cannot connect to the PlatformMBeanServer then no MBeans will be registered. Applications may use the org.apache.derby.mbeans.Management MBean to later enable Derby's JMX management.

If Derby cannot register a specific MBean (e.g. due to no permission to register that MBean) then it will simply be ignored. Subsequent re-starts of Derby's management service through org.apache.derby.mbeans.ManagementMBean will attempt to register such an MBean again (assuming it is still valid), in case the security policy has been updated.

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