Managing the Derby Network Server remotely by using the servlet interface

You can use the servlet interface to manage the Network Server remotely. To use the servlet interface, the servlet must be registered with an Application Server, and derby.system.home must be known to the Application Server.

A Web application archive (WAR) file, derby.war, for the Derby Network Server is available in $DERBY_HOME/lib. This file registers the Network Server's servlet at the relative path /derbynet. See the documentation for your Application Server for instructions on how to install it.

For example, if derby.war is installed in WebSphere Application Server with a context root of derby, the URL of the server is:


The servlet takes the following optional configuration parameters:

Specifies the host name to be used by the Network Server. See the Security Considerations section below.
Specifies the port number to be used by the Network Server.
Specifies that the Network Server is to be started when the servlet is initialized.
Specifies the location for trace files. If the tracing directory is not specified, the traces are placed in derby.system.home.

Security Considerations

For general security considerations for the Network Server, see Network Server security.

The "host" parameter allows configuration of the host name that will be used for the listening socket for network connections. By default, the Network Server will listen to requests only on the loopback address, which means that it will only accept connections from the local host. Changing this value could expose the server to external connections, which raises security concerns, so before using the "host" parameter, you should run under the Java security manager and enable user authentication.

This section describes the servlet pages.

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