Using the Derby ij tool with the Network Server

To use the ij tool with the network client driver:
  1. Start ij in one of the following ways. For details, see "Starting ij" in the Derby Tools and Utilities Guide.
    1. Use a script. Run the ij.bat script on Windows systems and the ij script on UNIX systems. These scripts are located in the $DERBY_HOME/bin directory.
    2. Run the ij tool using the $DERBY_HOME/lib/derbyrun.jar file.
      java -jar derbyrun.jar ij
    3. Run the ij tool by specifying the class name.
  2. Connect by specifying the URL:
    ij> CONNECT 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sample'
    	USER 'judy' PASSWORD 'no12see';
    See Network client driver examples for additional URL examples.
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