Accessing databases from a jar or zip file

It is possible to access databases from a jar file. The jar file does not have to be on the classpath.

Note: All such databases are read-only.

For example, suppose you have archived the database jarDB1 into a file called jar1.jar. This archive is in the classpath before you start up Derby. You can access jarDB1 with the following connection URL


To access a database in a jar file that is not on the classpath, use the jar subprotocol.

For example, suppose you have archived the database jarDB2 into a file called jar2.jar. This archive is not in the classpath. You can access jarDB2 by specifying the path to the jar file along with the jar subsubprotocol, like this:


For complete instructions and examples of accessing databases in jar files, see Accessing a read-only database in a zip/jar file.

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