stopMaster=true attribute


Stops database replication on the master system. This attribute sends a stop-slave message to the slave system if the network connection is working. Then it shuts down all replication-related functionality, without shutting down the specified database.

The Derby instance where this attribute is specified must be the replication master for the specified database.

For more information, see the topics under "Replicating databases" in the Derby Server and Administration Guide.

Combining with other attributes

You must specify a database name in the connection URL, either in the subprotocol or by using the databaseName=nameofDatabase attribute.

If authentication or authorization is turned on, you must also specify this attribute in conjunction with the user=userName and password=userPassword attributes. If authorization is turned on, the user must be the database owner.

You may not specify this attribute in conjunction with any attributes not mentioned in this section.


-- stop master using database name in subprotocol, authorization
-- stop master using databaseName attribute, no security