ResultSets and streaming columns

If the underlying object is itself an OutputStream class, getBinaryStream returns the object directly.

To get a field from the ResultSet using streaming columns, you can use the getXXXStream methods if the type supports it. See Streamable JDBC Data Types for a list of types that support the various streams. (See also Mapping of java.sql.Types to SQL Types.)

You can retrieve data from one of the supported data type columns as a stream, whether or not it was stored as a stream.

The following code fragment shows how a user can retrieve a LONG VARCHAR column as a stream:
    // retrieve data as a stream
    ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery("SELECT b FROM atable");
    while ( {
        // use a to get the data ip = rs.getCharacterStream(1);

        // process the stream--this is just a generic way to
        // print the data
        char[] buff = new char[128];
        int size;
        while ((size = != -1) {
            String chunk = new String(buff, 0, size);