traceDirectory=path attribute


Specifies a directory to which the Derby Network Client will send JDBC trace information. If the program or session has multiple connections, the Network Client creates a separate file for each connection. By default, the files are named _driver_0, _driver_1, and so on. Use the traceFile=path attribute to specify a file name for the trace file.

If the directory does not exist, Derby issues an error message. If you do not specify an absolute path name, the directory is assumed to be relative to the current directory.

For more information about tracing, see "Network client tracing" in the Derby Server and Administration Guide. See traceFile=path, traceFileAppend=true, and traceLevel=value for other attributes related to tracing.

Combining with other attributes

You can combine this attribute with other attributes.


-- enable tracing on an existing database that will have multiple connections
-- specify a trace file name within the directory
-- append to the default trace file