SYSALIASES system table

Describes the procedures, functions, and user-defined types in the database.

Column Name Type Length Nullability Contents
ALIASID CHAR 36 false Unique identifier for the alias
ALIAS VARCHAR 128 false Alias (in the case of a user-defined type, the name of the user-defined type)
SCHEMAID CHAR 36 true Reserved for future use
JAVACLASSNAME LONGVARCHAR 255 false The Java class name
ALIASTYPE CHAR 1 false 'F' (function), 'P' (procedure), 'A' (user-defined type)
NAMESPACE CHAR 1 false 'F' (function), 'P' (procedure), 'A' (user-defined type)
SYSTEMALIAS BOOLEAN ?? false true (system supplied or built-in alias)

false (alias created by a user)

ALIASINFO org.apache.derby. catalog.AliasInfo

This class is not part of the public API.

?? true A Java interface that encapsulates the additional information that is specific to an alias
SPECIFICNAME VARCHAR 128 false System-generated identifier