databaseName=nameofDatabase attribute


Specifies a database name for a connection; it can be used instead of specifying the database name after the subprotocol.

For example, these URL (and Properties object) combinations are equivalent:
  • jdbc:derby:toursDB
  • jdbc:derby:;databaseName=toursDB
  • jdbc:derby:(with a property databaseName and its value set to toursDB in the Properties object passed into a connection request)

If you use a subsubprotocol to specify the database (for example, memory for an in-memory database), include the subsubprotocol as part of the databaseName attribute specification. For example:


If the database name is specified both in the URL (as a subname) and as an attribute, the database name set as the subname has priority. For example, the following database connection URL connects to toursDB:


Allowing the database name to be set as an attribute allows the getPropertyInfo method to return a list of choices for the database name based on the set of databases known to Derby. For more information, see java.sql.Driver.getPropertyInfo method.

Combining with other attributes

You can combine this attribute with all other attributes.