Protocol command


PROTOCOL String [ AS Identifier ]


Specifies the protocol, as a String, for establishing connections and automatically loads the appropriate driver. Protocol is the part of the database connection URL syntax appropriate for your environment, including the JDBC protocol and the protocol specific to Derby. For further information about the Derby database connection URL, see the Derby Developer's Guide. Only Derby protocols are supported. Those protocols are listed in ij.protocol property.

Providing a protocol allows you to use a shortened database connection URL for connections. You can provide only the database name (and a subsubprotocol name if needed) instead of the full protocol. In addition, you do not need to use the Driver command or specify a driver at start-up, since the driver is loaded automatically.

If you name the protocol, you can refer to the protocol name in the Connect command.


ij> protocol 'jdbc:derby:';
ij> connect 'sample';
ij> protocol 'jdbc:derby:';
ij> connect 'memory:sample;create=true';
ij> protocol 'jdbc:derby:memory:';
ij> connect 'sample;create=true';
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