ij.connection.connectionName property


Creates a named connection to the given database connection URL when ij starts up; it is equivalent to the Connect AS Identifier command. The database connection URL can be of the short form if an ij.protocol is specified. This property can be specified more than once per session, creating multiple connections. When ij starts, it displays the names of all the connections created in this way. It also displays the name of the current connection, if there is more than one, in the ij prompt.



When specified on the command line the databaseConnectionURL should not be enclosed in single quotations, however, if the database path contains special characters (e.g. a space) it must be enclosed in double quotes.


This example connects to the existing database sample and creates, then connects to, the database anotherDB.

D:> java -Dij.connection.sample1=jdbc:derby:sample
ij version 10.9
ANOTHERCONN* -  jdbc:derby:anotherDB;create=true
SAMPLE1 -        jdbc:derby:sample
* = current connection

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