The format used for DeltaSpike documentation is ASCIIDOC because it’s easily exportable to PDF, HTML, and it’s also easy to contribute. It can be used to export also to epub and also be used to write books

Rendering documentation as HTML

Requirenment: Have Maven installed.

If you cloned the source repository and want to render the documentation as HTML, you just need to run the following command:

$ cd REPO_ROOT/documentation
$ mvn site

The generate documentation will be available at REPO_ROOT/documentation/target/site


If you would like to submit a documentation patch through Jira, you can have a look at the suggested approach.

Publish procedure (for committers only)

If you’re a committer and want to publish the documentation at DeltaSpike Site you have do the following steps:

Put the following information in your ~/.m2/settings.xml file


To publish to staging area, run:

$ mvn clean site-deploy -P staging

To publish to production area, run:

$ mvn clean site-deploy

Then run:

After log in to and click on the Submit button.