Steps for a Release


  • Heads up on the mailing-lists


first steps for the next release

hi @ all,

if there are no objections, i'll start with the first steps for the next release (review, documentation,...).
it would be great to start with the release procedure next week.

  • Check the jenkins builds

  • Create release notes and commit them to deltaspike/readme/ (format [ReleaseNotes][version].txt)

test at least:

mvn clean install -POWB
mvn clean install -PWeld1
mvn clean install -Prat
mvn clean install -Ptomee-build-managed
mvn clean install -Pjbossas-build-managed-7
mvn clean install -Pwildfly-build-managed
mvn clean install -Pglassfish-build-managed-3

deploy a demo app especially with jsf-impl-ee6 to an ee6 server and check the logs (if there are no optional ee7+ classes) ( can be used for it e.g.)

First steps

//install a version of git which is compatible with the release-plugin (e.g. v1.8.3.2)
git checkout -b ds-[release version]

mvn release:prepare -Pdistribution -DreleaseProfiles=distribution

//copy prepared workspace (to continue faster if an upload fails in the next step)

//hint: dois not use -DdryRun=true -- since it can break the next step
mvn release:perform -Pdistribution -DreleaseProfiles=distribution

//!!!check the created commits including user-name and email

// Verify the release in the staging repository:
//login to and go to "Staging Repositories"
//check esp. .../org/apache/deltaspike/deltaspike/[version]/deltaspike-[version]
//close the repository

//push the release-branch and tag to a third-party git repo
git remote add vote[user]/deltaspike-vote
git push -u vote master
git push vote ds-[release version]
git push vote --tags


Start the Vote


[VOTE] Release of Apache DeltaSpike [version]


I was running the needed tasks to get the ... release of Apache DeltaSpike out.
The artifacts are deployed to Nexus [1] (and [2]).

The tag is available at [3] and will get pushed to the ASF repository once the vote passed.

Please take a look at the ... artifacts and vote!

Please note:
This vote is "majority approval" with a minimum of three +1 votes (see [4]).

[ ] +1 for community members who have reviewed the bits
[ ] +0
[ ] -1 for fatal flaws that should cause these bits not to be released, and why..............



Announce the Vote

  • Create a link to the release notes at (format DeltaSpike_[version])

  • Tweet about the vote via @DeltaSpikeTeam.

Perform the final release

Close the Vote

After 72 hours close the vote.


Result (was: Re: [VOTE] Release of Apache DeltaSpike [version])

thank you for voting!

X binding +1 votes (pmc):

Y non-binding +1 votes:

Z -1 votes

If the binding majority approved the vote continue.

  • Login to and release the repository

  • Merge release branch into master and push the branch and tag to the ASF repository

Always do a merge in this case (not a rebase):

git checkout master
git merge ds-[version]
git push origin ds-[version]
git push origin deltaspike-[version]
git push origin master

Upload Artifacts

Apache releases get published via Subversion.

svn co
mkdir [version]
//add and commit the artifacts (at least * + asc, md5, sha1)
//use the artifacts from:
svn rm {old-version}
svn add {version}
svn commit -m "Removing {old-version}, adding {version}"

The following bash script can be used to download the release artifacts from maven.central:

mkdir $1
cd $1

curl -O${1}/deltaspike-${1}
curl -O${1}/deltaspike-${1}
curl -O${1}/deltaspike-${1}
curl -O${1}/deltaspike-${1}

curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.tar.gz
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.tar.gz.asc
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.tar.gz.md5
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.tar.gz.sha1

curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.zip
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.zip.asc
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.zip.md5
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}.zip.sha1

curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}-tests.jar
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}-tests.jar.asc
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}-tests.jar.md5
curl -O${1}/distribution-full-${1}-tests.jar.sha1

for f in *.zip; do (sha1sum ${f}; cat ${f}.sha1;echo;echo;); done
for f in *.tar.gz; do (sha1sum ${f}; cat ${f}.sha1;echo;echo;); done
cd ..

Update CMS / site content

Publish Javadoc of release

  • git checkout deltaspike-{version}

  • cd deltaspike && ./

Update site

  • git checkout master

  • Update the pom.xml (version.deltaspike.latest.stable and version.deltaspike.latest.snapshot)

  • Update site\src\main\asciidoc\index.adoc

  • Update site\src\main\asciidoc\news.adoc

  • git commit -m "site update"

  • git push

Publish Javadoc of SNAPSHOT

  • git checkout master

  • cd deltaspike && ./

Publish site

Announce the Release


[ANNOUNCE] Release of Apache DeltaSpike [version]

The Apache DeltaSpike team is pleased to announce the 6th release of DeltaSpike.

Apache DeltaSpike is  a suite of portable CDI (Contexts & Dependency Injection) extensions intended to make application development easier when working with CDI and Java EE.  Some of its key features include:

- A core runtime that supports component configuration, type safe messaging and internationalization, and exception handling.
- A suite of utilities to make programmatic bean lookup easier.
- A plugin for Java SE to bootstrap both JBoss Weld and Apache OpenWebBeans outside of a container.
- JSF integration, including backporting of JSF 2.2 features for Java EE 6.
- JPA integration and transaction support.
- A Data module, to create an easy to use repository pattern on top of JPA.
- Quartz integration

Testing support is also provided, to allow you to do low level unit testing of your CDI enabled projects.

More can be found on our website -



Release Notes:[version]



Write the e-mails to:



[ANNOUNCE] The Apache #DeltaSpike team is pleased to announce[version]. Feel free to test it! Feedback is very welcome!