Build Apache ESME from Subversion

Mac OS X 10.5/6


Checkout latest Apache ESME, build, and run

Run the following commands, starting in the directory where you want to download Apache ESME:

  1. svn checkout esme
  2. cd esme/server/
  3. mvn jetty:run

The third step can take a while the first time it is run as it needs to download all of Apache ESME's dependencies (and there are quite a few of those).

After this you should be able to open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:80/esme_server_SNAPSHOT_3.0 and see ESME running!

Optionally running under a separate Tomcat installation

  1. Install Tomcat
  2. In esme/server directory run "mvn package"
  3. Copy .war file in esme/server/target directory into the webapps/ directory of your Tomcat installation
  4. Start Tomcat (bin/ in the main Tomcat directory)
  5. Navigate your browser to http://localhost:80/esme_server_SNAPSHOT_3.0