Collaboration with Akibot

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Akibot is the first semantic actionable micro-blogging platform for the enterprise. Akibot not only allows real-time group collaboration and awareness through short, instant messages (like a Twitter for the company), but it also understands those messages and, if applicable, takes action.

A good description is provided by this ReadWriteWeb blog .

Technical Description of the architecture

Akibot works with 2 modules: the front end (the microblog) and the robot (the "brain"). Both modules are completely independent and separate, and they communicate via HTTP POST and XML. When you write a message and post it in the microblog module, it does an HTTP POST call to the robot with the message. The robot gets the message and sends back an XML acknowledging the receipt. 

In the background the robot queues the message for processing. Processing means the message goes through the robot's Contextual Analyzer. The Contextual Analyzer determines the entity (inventory item, vendor, client. contact, marketing campaign, etc. etc.) and the situation (how that entity is being affected in the message/conversation), and, if applicable, makes an HTTP call to inquiry information from the corresponding software (e.g. ERP -SAP; Navision; etc-, Groupware -Exchange, Salesforce, etc. etc).

Once the robot has all this information, it decides if an action is required (usually the action is a response back to the microblog module - but can also be updates, alerts, pushing data to other applications, etc) and proceeds to do so by pushing a message back to the microblog module via HTTP POST (the actions are defined by directives, Akibot comes equipped with some standard directives but you can teach him more that are more specific to your industry).   

Suggested architecture

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General Use Case

Basically this is how it is working now. The only change would be that Apache ESME would be posting messages to Akibot (robot module, just like the microblog module is doing now) and Akibot would reply back to Apache ESME if needed, and would interface with enterprise software (ERP, Groupware applications).

Integration possibilitites: Overview

There are three basic scenarios 1.  via an Apache ESME action that posts messages to the Akibot API. 1. A bot that follows the Apache ESME message stream and either 1) makes a remote call to the RESTAPIlocated on another server or, if the bot was located on the GAE then accesses your API without making a remote call. 1. Another idea would be to directly embed akibot functionality in Apache ESME as some sort of a plug-in.



Use Cases

Use Messages for Back-end Requests

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