Collaboration with ubimic

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Background . is a group of university researchers interested in microblogging from different points of view (computer science, information systems, organizational science). Together we think that microblogging has great potential when it comes to integrating normal users and things like sensors, machines and software. We are experimenting with different microblogging tools and scenarios.


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General Use Case

The idea is to show how microblogging can act as a integration platform for man-machine interaction. 1. The user creates mesages on Apache ESME with a certain tag and having a certain format 1. The Apache ESME bot listens to the Apache ESME message stream for messages with a certain tag. 1. After receiving messages from Apache ESME with the desired tag, the Apache ESME bot reformats the message and posts the message to an SAP back-end. 1. Based on the status of the back-end interaction, the Apache ESME bot posts an Apache ESME message with the status of the interaction.

Technical details

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Use Cases

Use Messages for Back-end Requests

Microblogging SAP System


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