Existing public ESME installations

There are different public ESME installations: they are showcases, how an ESME setup looks like.

There is not the only public production-quality ESME setup, as ESME is
intended to serve as an inhouse (read: behind-firewall) microblogging
system.(see ESME's differentation from other microblogging platforms
* http://www.esme.us/esme/
this site hosts also the ESME blog (at [http://blog.esme.us/]

). This installation is used by many people from the development team. The layout of this site does not reflect the current SVN version. This site is based on our initial UI * http://esmecloudserver.dickhirsch.staxapps.net/index and [http://esmecloudserverapache.dickhirsch.staxapps.net/] use the cloud based infrastucture from [http://stax.net] and reflect the current version in the project's SVN. The stax setups are updated regularly from SVN and are used to showcase new functions. Additionally [loadtesting|Loadtesting] takes place on these installations. The Stax server acts as a public server that displays the most recent apache svn source code and thus it isn't bug free. It is usually updated once a week.