Integration and interfaces

ESME can play a part in the IT of your organization, especially to connect processes with the people executing them. Most of the scenarios are based on available APIs in the ESME software.

Name of the APIStatusCommentsmore details at...
ESME REST-like APIOut-of-the-box availableThe current API does not completely fulfill the requirements of RESTful APIs. Compliance with the REST standard is however on the tasklist of the team.[Link to description](restapi.html)
Twitter-like APIOut-of-the-box availableCompliance with the Twitter-API serves to enable usage of Twitter clients with an ESME instance. {footnote} Current positioning is that ESME will have in future both a twitter-like and an own API.{footnote}[Link to documentation](twitter-api.html) , [Link to SVN]

Based on the APIs mentioned above, the following clients/programming libraries are available:{footnote}All entries are based on the REST-like API, if not stated otherwise.{footnote}

Programming language or environmentStatusMore details at...
ABAP ClientWorking source code available[Generic Web-Dynpro ABAP Client source code]( , [ABAP Send message source code] , [ABAP Object Watch]
Adobe AIR clientOut-of-the-box available[Installation guide](esme-desktop-air-client.html)
Apache ANT actionJAR file available[Link to blog entry]('
Java LibraryJAR file available[Link to blog entry](
JavaScript ClientExample script available[Link to]( [Link to blog entry]
PLSQL ClientExample script available[Link to](
SAP NetWeaver Logger ClientExample script available[Link to blog entry](
VBA ClientExample script available[Link to blog entry](

Find below a list of different integration options.

Integration/interface with...Use caseCurrent maturity levelCommentsmore Details at...
email systemsReceiving emailsAdditonal software neededThere is a plugin available for the [open source mail server James]( to forward emails to ESME. Connecting with other mailservers involves development of a small piece of software, which call the ESME APIs. [Link to]
email systemsSending emailsOut-of-the-box availableESME sends emails based on user defined [actions](actions.html) . ESME relies for sending eMails on the JavaMail API and its required settings.[Sending emails from ESME]
MS SharepointRetrieving ESME conversationsInternal testcase(needs to be documented)
Yahoo PipesInformation retrieval from other microblogging toolsWorking configuration document availableLink to blog entry]