Methods, Resources, and Descriptions

Bold means the resource and method is implemented in the current /api2/ endpoint.

Resource Method Description/Payload schema/Response schema Streaming? Admin Only?
*api2/session* *GET*,*POST*,*DELETE* Post parameter: token
*api2/users* *GET*, *POST* Post parameters: nickname, password - returns: user created *POST*
api2/users/USERID GET
*api2/users/USERID/tokens* *GET*, *POST* Post parameters: description - returns: token created *GET*, *POST*
*api2/user/messages* *GET*,*POST* Post parameters: message, via (opt), pool (opt), realm (opt), metadata (opt), tags (opt), replyto (opt) *Yes*
api2/user/tags/TAG GET
*api2/user/tags/TAG/messages* *GET* Yes
*api2/user/followers* *GET*
*api2/user/followees* *GET*,*POST* Post parameter: userId
*api2/user/followees/USERID* *DELETE*
*api2/user/tracks* *GET*,*POST* Post parameter: track (regex)
*api2/user/tracks/TRACKID* GET,*DELETE*
api2/user/tracks/TRACKID/messages GET Yes
*api2/user/actions* *GET*,*POST* Post parameter: name, test, action
*api2/user/actions/ACTIONID* GET,*PUT*,*DELETE* Put parameter: enabled (boolean)
api2/messages/MESSAGEID GET
api2/messages GET,POST Yes
*api2/conversations/CONVERSATIONID* *GET*
api2/conversations/CONVERSATIONID/messages GET,POST Yes
*api2/pools* *GET*,*POST*
*api2/pools/POOLID/users* GET,*POST* Post parameters: realm, userId, permission
api2/pools/POOLID/users/USERID DELETE
api2/pools/POOLID/messages GET,POST Yes

One point to note is that some HTTP clients do not currently support the "PUT" or "DELETE" methods, so these may have to be simulated through POST methods with an extra parameter. I think that because of the close mapping to resource verbs, is worth using these methods in the specification and defining the simulation method for the entire API separately.