Server Configuration



Configuration via Property File

A note on property files

T property file is located in the /server/src/main/resources/props/ folder. The default property file name is default.props.  This file must be named after the user under which the process is running. On Tomcat 6.0 under windows, then this file would be "SYSTEM.props". Capitalization counts.

To set an option, please use the following syntax:


Changing the values in the properties

To change these options, you have two options 1. You may edit the property file and then rebuild esme (the recommended way) 1. If you access to the file system where esme is deployed, you can edit the property file and then restart the web application server.

Default Properties

http.proxyPort If you have to access the internet (for example for OpenID support) via a proxy, then this should be set to the proxy server empty


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