Windows Vista Installation Guide

{info:title=Useful Information} This setup instruction is mainly based on Windows (Vista) & Apache Tomcat (version 6.0.18). You will find the complete "Installation & Deployment Guide" attatched to this page. {info}

Installation of Java

  1. You need a current installation of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your machine; I used version 1.6.0_07-b06, which works well. You can get the Java binary from
  2. Your setup is successful, when you can afterwards open a commandline (-->start menu --> execute or search for "cmd.exe" ), issue a "java -version" command and see an output similar to the following:

Installation of Apache Tomcat

  1. Download the current Apache Tomcat binary from
  2. The best option on the Windows Platform is the Windows Service Installer. Download it and execute the installer.
  3. You can follow the recommended install parameters: the only exception is the installation path: Tomcat recommends (along with MS-Windows settings) to be installed in c:Program FilesApache... As this path includes spaces, some Java programs and configuration files have trouble starting files with path information (with spaces included): it is more safe (and better to keep the overview) to use an own folder high in the drive hierarchy without spaces. (e.g. take something like d:tomcat_60)
  4. Tomcat recommends the port 8080 for development needs: however if port 80 is not used otherwise, you will have less trouble (e.g. related to firewall issues), when you use port 80 for your deployment.(Another reason for port 80 is that browsers by default use port 80, for any other port setting the user needs to be aware of the fact, as he/she has to include this in the URL.)
  5. Your setup is successful, when you can reach afterwards the following page:

{note:title=Be Careful}For all further examples I assume Tomcat to be installed in d:tomcat_60.{note}

Deployment of the ESME Application

Your setup was successful, when you can see a similar screen: From now on you can enter the ESME world and try out everything.

Further options for ESME deployment

As I also need to figure out further options for deployment, I just list my ideas here (knowing that these partly need further descriptions). * Enabling HTTPS-Encryption on Tomcat (--> Even some intranets require this nowadays.