Zoho Creator

We have created a Zoho Creator application that creates Apache ESME messages. [The application|http://creator.zoho.com/richardhirsch/esmeclient4zoho/#Form:SendMessage] includes a very rudimentary UI to create the message.

Note: Please remember that currently, the information entered in the form is also be stored in the internal application database so that anyone can see the tokens that are being used. It would be pretty easy to add a small routine to the script to delete the data after it has been sent to Apache ESME.


The code to create the Apache ESME message is very simple and is linked to the submit button.

MyMap = map(); Response =

postUrl(”http://api.esme.us/esme/api/login?token=” + input.Token, MyMap);

Response = postUrl(http://api.esme.us/esme/api/send_msg?message=

What is cool is that there is also the possibility to use the “out-of-the-box” functionality of ZohoCreator applications to import information from Excel to fill internal database tables. Thus, you can rapidly create a series of Apache ESME messages.