Changes log (2005-04-06)

Note: this version is not compatible with preceding ones.
The way to indicate patterns (in configuration as well as in some tasks) has changed: brackets are used for tokens instead of ant notation, which is kept for variables.
Thus a pattern previously noted:
will now be:

This has been done to prevent collision and make a better separation between variables and tokens.
Moreover migration costs should not be too high, ivy files not being concerned by the change.

- ChainResolver are now able to publish (delegating the call to the first resolver in the chain)
- DualResolver sub resolvers are now registered in Ivy
- more precise message on eviction
- add validate attribute on most resolvers
- ivy files validation handling review
- use ivy variables in ant tasks to get default values for attributes
- documentation update for configuring ivy
- FIX: dependencies order not taken into account during resolve
- FIX: evicting modules also evict confs
- FIX: NPE during resolve when a dependency ivy file has no publication date
- FIX: check nullity of artifact download reports


ivy-0.9-bin.zip (958 kB)
ivy-0.9-src.zip (776 kB)
ivy-0.9-src-withdep.zip (1039 kB)