System Properties

XML Parser Settings

Starting with Ivy 2.5.2 Ivy’s XML parser can be controlled via the use of two newly introduced system properties.

If you want to restore the default behavior of Ivy 2.5.1 and earlier you need to set ivy.xml.allow-doctype-processing to true and ivy.xml.external-resources to ALL.


This system property accepts true or false as values. When set to false Ivy will not allow any processing of doctype declarations at all, while setting it to true enables it.

The default is to allow doctype processing if and only if Ivy is parsing a Maven POM file.


This system property controls if external resources are read during doctype processing - and if so, where they can be loadad from. The value of this system property is only ever used if ivy.xml.allow-doctype-processing is not false.

The accepted values are

  • PROHIBIT makes Ivy fail if any doctype tries to load an external resource.

  • IGNORE makes Ivy ignore any external resource that the doctype declaration wants to load.

  • LOCAL_ONLY allows external resources to be loaded via file: or jar:file URIs only.

  • ALL allows external resources to be loaded from any URI.

The default behavior is to not allow doctype processing at all, but if it is enabled the value PROHIBIT is assumed unless the property has been set explicitly.

When reading Maven POMs a specific internal system id is recognized as resource and will be loaded from a resource shipping with the Ivy distribution in order to deal with invalid POM files accepted by Apache Maven - and the default value for this property is `IGNORE`in that case. See IVY-921 for details.