Parameter Data Type

The class Parameter.

name data type description
name string Name of the parameter used in the query. It should match the following regex pattern ":[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z_0-9]".
displayName string Display name of the parameter. Should be used by the UI apps for resolution.
defaultValue array of array of string The default value that will be used, if the parameter is not supplied with any values while running the query.
dataType ParameterDataType Data type of the parameter. Could be number, decimal, string or boolean. The value supplied will be parsed with the corresponding data type.
collectionType ParameterCollectionType Collection type of the parameter. Depending on the type of expression IN/EQ, it could be a single/multiple collection.


  "name" : "...",
  "displayName" : "...",
  "defaultValue" : [ [ "...", "..." ], [ "...", "..." ] ],
  "dataType" : "BOOLEAN",
  "collectionType" : "SINGLE"