lensQuery Data Type

Instantiates a new lens query.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
closedTime long element 1/1 The the query close time when the query is purged by the server and no more operations are pending for it. Note: not supported as of now.
driverFinishTime long element 1/1 The the query execution end time on driver.
driverOpHandle string element 0/1 The operation handle associated with the driver, if any.
driverQuery string element 0/1 The driver query. It is the final query (derived form user query) that was submitted by the driver for execution.
driverStartTime long element 1/1 The query execution start time on driver. This will >= launch time.
failedAttempts failedAttempt element 0/unbounded  
finishTime long element 1/1 The query finish time on server. This will be driver finish time + any extra time spent by server (like formatting the result)
isPersistent boolean element 1/1 Is true if query's result would be persisted by server.
launchTime long element 1/1 The query launch time. This will be submission time + time spent by query waiting in the queue
priority priority element 0/1 The priority of the query.
queryConf lensConf element 0/1 The query conf that was used for executing this query.
queryHandle queryHandle element 0/1 The query handle that represents this query uniquely
queryName string element 0/1 The query name, if any.
resultSetPath string element 0/1 The result set path for this query if the query output was persisted by the server.
selectedDriverName string element 0/1 Name of the driver which executed the query (Example: hive/testDriver, jdbc/prodDriver etc)
status queryStatus element 0/1 The status of this query. Note: QueryStatus#getStatus() method can be used to get the QueryStatus.Status enum that defines the current state of the query. Also other utility methods are available to check the status of the query like QueryStatus#queued(), QueryStatus#successful(), QueryStatus#finished(), QueryStatus#failed() and QueryStatus#running()
submissionTime long element 1/1 The submission time.
submittedUser string element 0/1 The user who submitted the query.
userQuery string element 0/1 The the query submitted by the user