status Data Type

The Enum Status.

value description
NEW The new.
QUEUED The queued. At this point the query is queued by the server and it waiting to be launched. The launch may be controlled by multiple factors like query throttling, quota, etc
LAUNCHED The launched. At this point the query is launched for execution.
RUNNING The running. At this point the query starts running on chosen driver
EXECUTED The executed. At this point execution is finished by driver, but server may still have some more operations pending like result persistence, if enabled.
FAILING This state is when depending on retry policy, either the query moves to QUEUED (in case retries are to be done), or to FAILED.
SUCCESSFUL The successful. At this point all operations related to the query are finished successfully by driver and server.
FAILED The failed.
CANCELED The canceled.
CLOSED The closed. At this point the query is purged by the server. Persistent result will still be available to the user