Release Notes - Apache Tephra - 0.13.0-incubating

New Features

  • TEPHRA-250 - Create a way to trigger transaction pruning
  • TEPHRA-241 - Introduce a way to limit the size of a transaction
  • TEPHRA-238 - Support HBase 1.3.x


  • TEPHRA-261 - Make TransactionSystemTest.getCommonConfiguration() protected
  • TEPHRA-258 - Improve log message for Thrift client connection
  • TEPHRA-244 - Invalid tx pruning does not handle deletion of tables well
  • TEPHRA-243 - Fix concurrency issues in Transaction log writer; also improve the logging
  • TEPHRA-240 - TransactionConflictException should contain the conflicting key and client id
  • TEPHRA-231 - Fix the License and the Notice Files for the binary distribution

Bug fixes

  • TEPHRA-260 - Javadoc errors when publishing artifacts
  • TEPHRA-253 - TransactionProcessorTest is sometimes flaky
  • TEPHRA-242 - Transaction Service sometimes does not shutdown
  • TEPHRA-239 - Null pointer exception in TransactionStateCache
  • TEPHRA-235 - Flushes and compactions can remove committed data

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