Apache Tajo Mailing List

In order to post to the list, it is necessary to first subscribe to the mailing list you want.


The user@ mailing list is the preferred mailing list for end-user questions and discussion.

The Tajo user mailing list is : user@tajo.apache.org.


If you’d like to contribute to Tajo, please subscribe to the Tajo developer mailing list.

The Tajo developer mailing list is: dev@tajo.apache.org.


If you’d like to see notifications made in the Tajo issue tracking system, review board, and Jenkins CI, please subscribe to the Tajo issues mailing list.

The Tajo issues mailing list is: issues@tajo.apache.org.


If you’d like to see changes made in the Tajo source version control system, please subscribe to the Tajo commits mailing list.

The Tajo commits mailing list is: commits@tajo.apache.org.