Class DL4JInceptionV3Net

All Implemented Interfaces:
Initializable, ObjectRecogniser

public class DL4JInceptionV3Net extends Object implements ObjectRecogniser
DL4JInceptionV3Net is an implementation of ObjectRecogniser. This object recogniser is powered by Deeplearning4j. This implementation is pre configured to use Google's InceptionV3 model pre trained on ImageNet corpus. The models references in default settings are originally trained and exported from Keras and imported using DL4J's importer tools.

Although this implementation is made to work out of the box without user attention, for advances users who are interested in tweaking the settings, the following fields are configurable:

  • modelWeightsPath
  • labelFile
  • labelLang
  • cacheDir
  • imgWidth
  • imgHeight
  • imgChannels
  • minConfidence

Tika 1.15
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